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Have a cavity-free Halloween!

It’s that time of year again: pumpkins, costumes, and candy.  Halloween!  We want our patients and their families to enjoy the holiday, so we’ve provided some tips on how to have a cavity-free Halloween.

  • Don’t eat all your Halloween candy at once.  Some kids bring home bags of sugary goodies after a night of trick or treating.  Instead of letting them consume it quickly over a day or two, spread their consumption over the month of November, maybe two of three pieces at most per day.
  • Keep up your normal dental routine.  Families get busy over the holidays, but don’t get too busy that you forget to brush twice a day and floss once.  You can do an extra brushing if your kids eat a lot of sugars at a Halloween party.
  • Hand out non-candy treats.  Kids love non-candy based trick or treat items such as stickers, play-doh, or dollar store items.  See if you can limit how much candy gets passed around your neighborhood.

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