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Helping Kids Lose Baby Teeth

Teeth are often an important milestone for babies.  We see those first baby teeth come in, and we marvel at our growing children.  Later down the road, losing those teeth are equally important, but this time, your kids are aware of what’s going on.

Some kids have an anxiety about losing those teeth.  They could be scared of change, especially something as familiar as the teeth in their mouth.  Here are some suggestions to help you soothe a kid who’s worried about losing their first primary teeth:

  • Read Children’s Books about Losing Teeth Together.  Knowing that losing a tooth is a normal part of growing up, and kids should know that.  Reading picture books showing other kids go through this can help a child know what to expect.  It helps to read this as soon as you suspect your child has a wiggling tooth so they have time to adjust the idea of losing it.
  • Talk up the Tooth Fairy.  Just like using reward charts for potty training, the tooth fairy is a kind of positive reward for losing teeth.  Knowing there’s a prize for getting rid of a tooth in advance can help ease a kid’s mind.
  • Be There When it’s Time for the Tooth to Go.  Being a positive, patient pressure when the tooth’s about to fall out can help a stressed out kid.  Have them snuggle in your lap while they wriggle the tooth.  Get excited as it gets looser.  Having you there as a cheerleader can make the event seem less intimidating.
  • Or Conversely, Give Them Some Space.  This might seem contradictory, but kids, just like adults, have different personalities.  If being a cheerleader seems to increase your child’s anxiety, you can take a step back and let them try to work it out themselves.  A little distance and space can also sometimes ease a child’s mind.

Of course, if you have any medical concerns about your child’s loose teeth, always feel free to give our office a call.

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