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Parts of a Tooth

If you thought a tooth is just one solid structure like a rock, you might be surprised to learn how complex one really is. Like other bones in our body, teeth are made of variety of material which help us chew our food. This blog post discusses all the parts that make up your smile.

The crown is the part of the tooth you see above your gums. Like your skin, it’s made of layers. The top white layer is made of enamel, which happens to be the hardest substance in your entire body. (You want your teeth hard since they grind up so much stuff in your mouth!) We brush and floss the enamel to keep it hard and working steady for us for years to come.

Underneath the enamel is a layer of dentin, which is a lot like other bones in our body. It’s actually made of living calcified cells. The heart of the tooth is the pulp, which includes blood vessels and nerves. We never want cavities to reach the dentin, much less the pulp, because that really hurts.

The roots underneath connect the tooth to the jaw bone. Instead of enamel, the roots are made of a slightly softer substance called cementum. As long as the gums stay over the roots, they should remain strong enough to keep our teeth in place.

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