Dental Sealants for Tucson, AZ Protects Your SmileAt Northwest Children’s Dentistry, a painless, low-cost way of protecting teeth from decay is through the use of dental sealants. Tucson, AZ parents can feel confident that their children’s smiles will stay strong and cavity-free when hard-to-reach areas of tooth are covered, meaning decay-causing bacteria is sealed out.

Many permanent molars erupt with deep pits and grooves on the chewing surface. These areas are difficult and sometimes impossible to keep clean with even the best brushing skills, making them an ideal home for bacteria and increasing the potential for decay.

A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating that is bonded to the chewing surface of the tooth. The sealant fills the deep pits and grooves, providing a barrier to keep food and bacteria out, thus reducing the risk of decay by up to 50%.

Our dentists carefully evaluate the teeth of our young patients as they erupt, and may recommend sealants for teeth that could benefit from added protection. Receiving a dental sealant in our Tucson, AZ office is an effective, painless service that may be optimal for your child. If you have further questions about this service, please contact us today.


Northwest Children’s Dentistry provides pediatric dentistry, such as dental sealants in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Bunch and Dr. Marshall serve patients from Oro Valley, Marana, and Sahuarita, AZ.