Diet Counseling by Our Family Dentist for Oro Valley

Implementing good eating habits from an early age go a long way in securing your child’s oral health for life. As a children’s family dentist for the Oro Valley area, we’re passionate about protecting kids’ teeth from the very beginning, which is why we make diet counseling a complimentary part of our practice at every appointment.

Communicating your child’s current diet and eating patterns give us the opportunity to help you protect their teeth from cavities and decay based on nutrition. We discuss your child’s nutrition at every appointment because as they grow, what they eat and drink are likely to change. A quick discussion of your child’s diet will include:

  • Their current foods, drinks, and snacks
  • The frequency each is consumed
  • Tips for any recommended adjustments

We ask about your child’s current nutrition habits in order to point out the good, the bad, and offer suggestions when needed. We understand that all children are unique and may have differing oral health needs. Being able to understand how your child’s teeth and gums are impacted by nutrition reduces their risk for cavities and decay, and helps you avoid more costly, complicated dental treatments in the future.

We are firm believers that prevention is an important element in your child’s oral health success. Our goal is to provide you with the tips and tools needed to find that success at home. For more information on diet counseling or other services we provide as a family dentist to the Oro Valley area, please contact Northwest Children’s Dentistry today.


Northwest Children’s Dentistry provides comprehensive pediatric dental care, including diet counseling. Dr. Bunch and Dr. Marshall, our family dentists near Oro Valley, serve patients in Tucson and the Marana, and Sahuarita, AZ area.