Your Child's First Visit to Our Kid's Dentist in TucsonLike many new parents, you may be wondering when to bring your child in for their very first dental visit. As a kid’s dentist for Tucson, Dr. Bunch and Dr. Marshall agree with the standards set by The American Academy for Pediatric Dentistry and recommend children begin routine visits around their first birthday.

Beginning your child’s dental care at this young age sets them on the path to maintaining a set of strong, healthy teeth and smile for the rest of their lives. The younger a child is introduced to the dentist, the easier it is to develop positive associations that will follow them into adulthood. Prevention is an integral part of our practice so any issues can be addressed and treated early or often avoided altogether.

Establishing Dr. Bunch and Dr. Marshall as your child’s dentist from an early age gives you the opportunity to gain the resources and education needed to practice preventative habits at home. Our team takes time to listen, understand, and answer any concerns you and your child have from the very beginning. We tailor each visit specifically to your child by highlighting future growth and development and offering suggestions in hygiene and nutrition that will set them up for long-term health. We want to take care of your child’s smile now as well as protect it for the future.

As a kid’s dentist for Tucson, we specialize in dentistry for toddlers, children, and teens. We strive to provide a fun, enjoyable environment to gain the confidence and education needed to maintain a lifetime of great oral health. You’re always invited to join your child during their visit. Our goal is to help your child feel excited about dental visits and become an active participant in their own health!


Northwest Children’s Dentistry provides comprehensive children’s dental care. As a kids dentist in our Tucson, AZ practice, Dr. Bunch and Dr. Marshall serve the areas of Oro Valley, Marana, and Sahuarita, AZ.